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Chitrashaala 2016 – From a blank canvas to a life full of colors!

“Chitrashaala is the beginning of a longer relationship with art and diverse cultures of the world.”

Renowned artist, Dhiraj Choudhry painting his thoughts on the canvas.

For a creative spirit, it often becomes a challenge to constantly feel motivated and inspired to create a work of art in one’s studio or hometown. Artists usually desire an opportunity where they can take some time off, wander into a new space and allow their creative juices to flow.

Chitrashaala 2016 - 0699.jpg
(Front to Last) Artists Noor Qussini, Hanin Imran and Juman al nimri turning their blank canvases to vibrant paintings.

This desire gave rise to art residencies, all over the world. Art residencies are time-bound creative getaways where artists live in culturally diverse situations or in complete isolation. The aim of every residency is to place creative minds outside the mundane life-settings hence allowing them to draw inspiration from and work in new surroundings, with new individuals.

juSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, Chittorgarh Resort

jüSTa Hotels and Resorts’ initiative, Chitrashaala is an experience which pays homage to the creative spirit of several national and international artists. This annual art residency owes its name to the famous Bundi School of Art, Chitrashaala.

Chitrashaala 2016 - 1310.jpg
Director, Deepika Govind and Founder, Ashish Vohra juSTa Hotels and Resorts became a part of Chitrashaala 2016 for their common passion for art.

Chitrashaala 2016 was hosted at the jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace, a historic landmark in Parsoli, where artists from a wide spectrum of creative backgrounds were invited. From October 13th-19th, 36 national and international artists lived and worked together, spending time interacting with their peers.

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It is sometimes essential for an artist to escape the comfort zone and work within a setting of unfamiliar people and culture they know nothing of. Chitrashaala was a chance to learn new art forms, to speak an unknown language, to grow new ears and develop an eye for a new experience.

Artists from diverse cultural and disciplinary backgrounds came together to form a meaningful dialog through art at Chitrashaala 2016.

Located in the middle of a private lake, the serene landscape of jüSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace rendered a retreat for the artistic growth of the artists. The residents got exposure to a vast array art styles and forms along with an opportunity to build a worthy dialog with individuals from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.

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