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There Is A Chennai Outside My Room: The Amethyst


Chennai is a booming city and amidst the hullabaloo lies a quaint century-old colonial mansion called Amethyst. The first look at the Amethyst from the driveway entices you with the glittering lights at the entrance, taking you towards the veranda with beautifully laid tables.

The moment you step in, you will be taken into a fantasy world which will keep you mesmerized till the very last minute of your stay. This is a vehement space, where the art and antique furniture pieces shift constantly, making way for poetry and book readings, conversations, film screenings, art shows and exhibitions.


Amethyst is not just an exquisite estate, it is an experience in itself. At this alluring property, you will find an apparel cum jewelry store, a flower shop, a European styled coffee shop and a space dedicated to cultural events and exhibitions. Amethyst is a place where people can sit for hours and express what’s on their mind without being asked to leave!

‘Wild Garden’- Cafe at Amethyst

This whimsical little coffee shop is a wonderful place with colonial furniture thoughtfully scattered on the checkered floors. The Wild Garden Café has become a loved place for rendezvous and owes the popularity to it’s unique ambiance. You can choose to sit at a corner table along the hallway, from where you can enjoy the beauty of the place while sipping coffee or choose to linger around a little longer while chit-chatting with your friends.

The Luxurious Boutique ‘Upstairs’

The boutique wonderfully reawakens the Madrasi charm of the days-gone-by, within this captivating colonial mansion. This place is home to an exclusive range of Indian designs across jewelry and apparels. Even if you don’t desire to buy anything, this is surely a great place for some window shopping.

‘The Folly at Amethyst’: A Place for Expression

The Folly is a spectacular space inside the premises for hosting art shows, exhibitions, film/music screenings and much more. Lately, this place has become a cultural hub where, aristocrats and intellectuals gather for poetry and book launches and author tête-à-tête.

‘Bloom’ – The Flower Shop

While you roam around the premises, the balmy fragrance from the flower shop, ‘Bloom’, never fails to keep you refreshed. The shop is always filled with exotic flowers and herbage.

Amethyst is a place hidden from the bustling babel of the city, a place that will make you forget you are in Chennai.


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