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Best Places to Play Pokémon Go in Delhi!

No one would have ever imagined that a game would make zillions of people come out and explore the world. This latest crazy is making the otherwise lazy heads, off the couches and step into the real world for catching a Pokémon.
Pokémon Go is reality game, where players can catch Pokémon in the actual world with the help of their smartphone’s GPS service. The mission of the game is to catch all the creatures, just like Ash, by traveling across places and creating a team for battling against other players.
For those crazy about this new game, we have listed for you some of the best places for playing Pokémon Go in Delhi:

1. At the Zoological Park
Pokémon Go uses the smartphone’s clock and GPS to spot where the player is in the real world. If there is a creature nearby, you will get a notification. Just like the animals in the zoo, there are numerous Pokémons to be tamed and trained. With significantly large open area, zoological parks form a great place to play this game. (don’t get into the lion’s den though!)

2. In the Middle of the Lake
Pokémon Go is all about exploring diverse surroundings for catching different types of Pokémons. If you are looking for water creatures, places near lakes can be great. For instance, you can go to the lake near Haus Khas Fort or in the Old Fort area, you get a chance to catch amazing Pokémons. (It’s not necessary to get into the middle of the lake but what’s the harm?)

3. At Public Gathering Places
Collecting Pokémons is only one part of the game, you become a real master once reaching the fifth level. Here you will be able to pick one of the global teams to play for i.e. Mystic (Blue), Instinct (yellow) or Valor (red), for preparing your Pokémons for battles. Battles are held at gyms which are usually at parks, gathering places, bars and so on. It didn’t take long for the players in Delhi to recognize Nehru Place Market as the designated gyms and ever since the place is filled with crazy players!

4. Across Museums, Temples and Monuments
Don’t get surprised to find Pokémon and Poké Stops at some of the most unexpected places like temples, museums and monuments. Just wander through and cover as much ground as possible!

5. In College Campuses
This game is surely going to take you to exciting places like college campuses. The day isn’t far when the colleges will start to offer assistance for catching ‘on-campus’ Pokémons. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Even before it’s official release, Pokémon Go has become a smashing hit around the globe. To see where this game is going to take the players next is going to be an exciting experience!


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